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Legacy Trilogy - Parts I - III
Legacy: Austria’s Influence on American Skiing, documents three generations of ski racers and ski instructors. Part I*:Hannes Schneider & His Disciples (1890 - )(Note: Part I is divided into two DVD segments) Part II*:Kruckenhauser & His Am.. Read More
 Legacy - Part II : Kruckenhauser & His Ambassadors (1950s – 1970s)  (52:44 min)
Why have so many American ski schools and resorts been influenced by Austrians? From 1931-1971 Professor Stefan Kruckenhauser and his ski instructors/ambassadors dominated the world of alpine ski instruction and alpine ski racing in particular. Ameri.. Read More
Legacy - Part I : Hannes Schneider & His Disciples (two DVDs) 1890-1940 (56:11 min.) & 1940 - (54:16 min)
This award-winning film, a story told in two parts (two DVDs) - 1890-1940 (56:11 min.) & 1940 - (54:16 min), that together are close to two hours, is about how Hannes Schneider became known as the “Father of Modern Alpine Skiing” by starting.. Read More
Legacy - Part III : Austrian Ski Culture & Helicopter Skiing (1960s -) (57:10 min)
For generations Austrian architecture, après ski ambience, ski school directors and instructors gained notice and profits in the Americas. The Austrian instructors Emo Henrich at Stratton, Hans Gmoser and Mike Wiegele in the Canadian Rockies, used th.. Read More

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