Legacy: Austria’s Influence on American Skiing

A Documentary Film Series by Ian Scully

Part I*:
Hannes Schneider & His Disciples (1890 - )

(Note: Part I is divided into two DVD segments)

Part II*:
Kruckenhauser & His Ambassadors (1950 - )

Part III*:
Austrian Ski Culture & Helicopter Skiing (1960 - )

* Note: Each of these 4 DVDs are approx. 50-55 mins.

Segments / Ski Areas

Documents three generations of pioneer Austrian ski instructors and racers, who due to poverty, war, and a chance to make it in “The Land of Opportunity” emmigrated from Austria to teach America how to ski. In the Americas these Austro-American Alpine Ambassadors became a brotherhood that promoted and cherished not only discipline and hard work, but also entrepreneurship and "gemutlichkeit". And together they won numerous prestigious ski races, coached many a successful American ski racer, and played a key leadership role in the creation and development of some of the Americas' premier ski schools and ski resorts, such as: The Sugar Bowl, Stowe, Sun Valley, Aspen, Boyne Mtn., Mt. Cranmore, Portillo, Vail, Jackson Hole & Canadian Helicopter Skiing.

Legacy is brought to life by excerpts from interviews with a number Austro-American ski pioneers, as well as narration interspersed with pictures and movie clips. Although the numbers of Austro-American alpine pioneers have dwindled, this film series shows their legacy is still very much alive.

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