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Kitzbühel (11:16 min)
Explains and shows how and why this town developed into a world famous ski resort area, via the establishment of the famous Hahnenkamm races and the Kitzbuehel Ski Club, and how during the 1950s and 1960s became home to some of the world’s best racer.. Read More
Mike Wiegele (3:37 min)
Listen to the Austrian Mike Wiegle, one of the first pioneers of helicopter skiing, recount his first years in the United States and Canada, where he led a life of ski instructing, filming, and leading ski tours, which by the early 1970s developed in.. Read More
Mt. Washington Valley (9:38 min)
Explains and shows how and why in the 1930s-1960s this area of New Hampshire became home to numerous ski areas and ski events that featured some of Austria’s best, world-renown ski instructors and racers. Benno Rybizka was the first to arrive. He wor.. Read More
Northwest: Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood & Mt. Baker (4:34 min)
Explains and shows why and how in 1936 in the American Northwest Otto Lang not only starred in the film Ski Flight and wroteDownhill Skiing, which together did much to raise awareness and level of alpine skiing in the Americas, but also ina.. Read More
Pepi Gramshammer (2:47 min)
Explains and shows, through interviews with him, as well as his friend Konrad Staudinger, how and why Pepi Gramshammer, the Austrian downhill champion and later pro racing champion, became such an integral player in the development of Vail as a desti.. Read More
Pioneers of Freestyle, Snowboarding & Heli-Skiing (28 min)
Explains and shows how in the 1960s and 1970s, due in large part to the leadership of the Austrian ski school director Emo Henrich, Stratton, Vermont, became home to numerous top-flight skiers and a birthplace of freestyle skiing and snowboarding, as.. Read More
Portillo (4:11 min)
Explains and shows how with the help from the Austrian Olympic Champion and ski school director Othmar Schneider, along with his cadre of top-notch and famous Austrian racing and instructor colleagues, the American Purcell family developed Portillo, .. Read More
Pro Racing (1:33 min)
Explains and shows how the Austrian ski racer and pioneer resort developer Friedl Pfeifer started the Pro Racing circuit in the 1960s by recruiting  top ski racers of the day, many of them Austrians, such as Pepi Gramshammer, Ernst Hinterseer, H.. Read More
Professor Kruckenhauser (6:24 min)
Explains and shows how under the leadership of Professor Kruckenhauser (1934 to 1973, except for during World War II, when he served as a photographer on the Eastern Fronts) Austria’s National Sports Home, the Bundessportheim on St. Christo.. Read More
Ski Industry (3:15 min)
Explains and shows over the past hundred years Austria has become synonymous with most any and everything related to alpine skiing.  As Austrians molded some the world’s most prominent alpine ski racers, ski techniques and ski resorts,.. Read More
Snowboarding (1:46 min)
Explains and shows how then Stratton Mtn. ski school director Emo Henrich advised Jake Burton in his initial attempts to develop the first of his now famous Burton snowboards... Read More
Stowe (9:36 min)
Explains and shows how Stowe, Vermont became “The Ski Capital of the East” under the leadership of the Austrian Sepp Ruschp on Mt. Mansfield (1930s-1960s), and Johannes von Trapp at the Trapp Family Lodge (1970s - ). Sepp Ruschp, with the financial b.. Read More
Stowe Mtn. Resort (8:24 min)
Explains and shows how under the leadership of Sepp Ruschp (1930s-1960s), and his prominent Austrian ski instructor recruits,  Mt. Mansfield in Stowe, Vermont became “The Ski Capital of the East”.  This story is told in part by Johannes von.. Read More
Stratton (18:06 min)
Explains and shows how Stratton, Vermont, developed in large part by Frank Snyder, who wanted to create an Austrian style resort in southern Vermont, hired the Austrian Emo Henrich to be its first ski school director, and how with Frank’s support Emo.. Read More
Stratton Mtn. Boys (9:28 min)
Explains and shows why and how the Austrian Emo Henrich, the first ski school director at Stratton, with the support of Stratton’s owner Frank’s Synder, developed a first-rate ski school that featured many Austrians who were not only top-flight skier.. Read More

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