Veteran Ski Instructors Reunion (1:19 min)

Veteran Ski Instructors Reunion (1:19 min)
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Explains and shows how Bill Lash, founder and first President of the Professional Ski Instructors Association of America (P.S.I.A.), started in 1987 the Veteran Ski Instructors Reunion to, as he says, recreate, “skiing together in the mountains, and bring back the golden years of skiing,  because  P.S.I.A. was not having a national convention. Ski instructors meeting that they have in the Spring were about clinics and technique and lectures.  I wanted to do something where we all get together and ski together, and talk about the old days, and that is why I decided to start honoring people who were important to my life in skiing and contributed a lot to skiing.  And I honored my friend Alf Engen, and I had that wonderful reunion, I call it the Arlberg Reunion with Friedl Pfeifer, and Otto Lang and Herbert Schneider.  And I have continued to honor people every year.”  

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