Sun Valley Short (4:18 min)

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Explains and shows how Sun Valley, one of the Americas’ first grand ski destinations, built to resemble a European ski resort and site of the world’s first chairlift, attracted Hollywood glamour in part by featuring a world-renowned ski school led and staffed for years by top-flight Austrian skiers; such as Hans Hauser, Friedl Pfeifer, Otto Lang, Sigi Engl, Sepp Froehlich, Konrad Staudinger and Hans Muehlegger. This story, which includes the internment of some of the Austrian Sun Valley instructors during World War II, is told in part by Friedl Pfeifer, Otto Lang, and Konrad Staudinger, as well as Bill Lash, a former Sun Valley resident, and founder and first president of the Professional Ski Instructors of American Association.

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