Natick Community Organic Farm (9 min)

Natick Community Organic Farm (9 min)
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Listen to Lynda Simkins, director of Natick Community Farm, as she explains, and the camera shows, the purpose, philosophy, history and programs of the Natick Community Organic Farm. “We are about farming in the public eye, work, and teaching people how to work and be productive. [And] We are a community, and our name [Natick Community Organic Farm] means that we serve a community of people not limited by boundaries. It is not an exclusive South Natick entity down here. Whoever walks into the property is part of the community. So those are the people we serve….And you are only a visitor here once so usually if I see your face or your family here more than once I also then ask you, Would you like to do this? Would you like to do that? So people instantaneously become part of the project themselves.”

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